RUMOR: DC Cinematic Universe News Tidbits Drop

These rumors come from an individual on 4Chan so take these rumors with a large grain of salt:

The Green Lantern Corps movie has found its director. It’s said the current working story treatment features Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz being picked as Green Lanterns who are eventually tasked with rescuing Hal Jordan who has been lost in deep space after losing his ring (my note: which would explain why Green Lantern hasn’t been around in Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman and Justice League). The 4Chan user further claims in the treatment that Baz is rightfully chosen, while Cruz is picked by Hal’s ring, which incorporates her insecurities about if she should be a Green Lantern. Jessica Cruz is said to be the current lead character of Green Lantern Corps, with Simon Baz being the secondary lead). It’s said to expect a director announcement for Green Lantern Corps at this Summer’s Comic-Con. The 4Chan user claims The Flash is going into production later this year, and that it will feature Captain Cold and Mirror Master as the villains. Walton Goggins is said to have been cast as Double Down. It’s also said Kiersey Clemons is being given a lot of control over Iris West’s personality in the film.

Regarding Ben Affleck and The Batman, it’s claimed Ben Affleck is indeed trying to renegotiate for more Batman films, with it further said Affleck is “apparently trying to sweeten the pot, he’s having money issues.”

It’s claimed that Ray Fisher is unsure of continuing on with the DCEU as Fisher has apparently been “very upset with his character’s mishandling” in Justice League and the fact that his Cyborg movie has basically been shelved until further notice. The 4Chan user speculates if Aquaman does well that they might go forward with the Cyborg movie.

The rumor also has it that WB wants to unveil new branding for the DCEU at this Summer’s Comic Con “complete with an entirely new title and logo design.” The 4Chan user claims it looks “pretty cool” and doesn’t want to spoil it.

With Marvel Studios deciding to sit out SDCC 2018, this would be a prime year for WB/DC Films to take a foothold on the giant geek extravaganza. Maybe even produce a slate of films they actually plan to make.