Solo Performs Way Under Box Office Expectations

Disney is facing its first Star Wars related dud. Solo A Star Wars Story debuted over the Memorial Day Weekend to a weak box office performance.

A 100 million dollar debut is great for some franchises but for Disney and Lucasfilm that is a disastrous number that harkens back to the prequel trilogy during the early 2000s.

Maybe it’s because The Last Jedi left a bad taste in fans collective mouths. Maybe it’s because Solo which is a good film (not a great film) followed to beloved films, Avengers Infinity War and Deadpool 2.

Either way this is a disastrous outcome that is on par with Warner Bros Justice League that also crashed and burned. Both films suffered from creative disputes and Director changes that led to massive reshoots. Reshoots that ballooned an already large budget.

Overall it shouldn’t be believed that Star Wars fatigue has set in. It did make a 100 million debut. Changes however might need to be made at the top of Lucasfilm. Katherine Kennedy now has two films that have not met fan expectations and has left a large part of the fan base feeling alienated. Maybe it’s time someone else steps in who better understands what the fans want.