World War Z (PS4) Cinematic Gameplay Trailer

Get your first look at the fast zombies of the World War Z game and how you’ll need to deal with them.

The upcoming World War Z video game can feature up to 1,000 zombies chasing down players at once. World War Z began life as a novel by author Max Brooks, which told the various survivor accounts of a global zombie breakout. The book was an addictive mix of great set pieces and likable characters, but the format made it seem like a better fit for a television series than a movie.

World War Z video game was also announced at the of 2017 and is being developed by Saber Interactive. The game will take a leaf out of Left 4 Dead‘s notebook by being a four-player co-op shooter, and the title will draw inspiration from both the book and movie. Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch spoke with Official PlayStation Magazine (via Comic Book) about the game, and revealed that players will have to survive against overwhelming numbers:


The sheer quantity of swarming enemies on the screen and the way they interact by climbing over one another to reach areas that would be safe in other games is unique to World War Z. I would say it truly defines the game. Fighting the swarms that can be either one massive enemy or 1,000 individual ones is exhilarating and addicting.

World War Z is expected to be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2018.