Ben Affleck is sticking around as Batman?

Ben Affleck really likes to keep the fans guessing. The actor has played Batman 3 times (BvS, Suicide Squad, and Justice League). After the poor reception to all the DC Films not called Wonder Woman, Affleck looked as though he was stepping down from the role.

Today’s rumor offers that Ben Affleck may have signed on for two new Batman movies with an option to do a third film.

The rumor comes from a Deviant Artist on Twitter who apparently has some friends in the know.

The Twitter user also offers that the upcoming Matt Reeves The Batman is “legit exciting” and says that Ben Affleck would be a “fool to pass up the chance to try his hand at a solo venture.”


Interestingly enough, the rumor of Ben Affleck signing on for more movies follows the news of Jake Gyllenhaal signing with Marvel as Mysterio for Spider-Man: Homecoming 2. It’s known that Matt Reeves met with Gyllenhaal to play Batman.