Catwoman & Supergirl get costume redesigns in DC Comics

Ahead of her big wedding to Batman, Catwoman is not only getting a new series but also a new costume as well!

Artist Joëlle Jones will be providing the updated costume. Ahead of the release this afternoon of the solicitations for August, DC has unveiled Selina Kyle’s new costume, which will debut in in the pages of Catwoman #2. As that issue’s cover offers only a glimpse, the publisher has released two illustrations by Jones that highlight details of the costume.

While Catwoman will remain draped in black, she”s dropped the goggles she favored for nearly two decades in favor of a more traditional cowl. It’s a sleeker design that will undoubtedly evoke memories of Michelle Pfeiffer’s costume from 1992’s Batman Returns, only without all the extraneous stitching.

The new Catwoman series debuts July 4th along with Batman #50. Check out the redesigned costume below:

Another DC heroine getting a new series and a redesigned costume is Supergirl.

Supergirl will return, but instead of getting a new ongoing series, her Rebirth-era title is going back into publication.

Picking up after Supergirl #20 in April, Syfy Wire exclusively revealed that issue #21 will hit stands sometime in the month of August. The creative team of Marc Andreyko and Kevin Maguire are picking up Kara Danvers’ adventures with a  new run that will reportedly tie into Brian Michael Bendis’ work on the Superman family of titles.

As part of this new run, Supergirl will gain a new costume that has been designed by superstar artist Jorge Jimenez. Andreyko states that the new suit will be explained, and that it serves a specific story purpose during her adventures in space. He was quick to point out that it is not a permanent change, but one used for practical reasons.

Check out the new Supergirl costume below: