HipZOMJoint Movie Review: Deadpool 2

The sequel to Deadpool is big on laughs at the expense of the story and new characters introduced.

Josh Brolin makes for an intense and no nonsense Cable but doesn’t have much to do other than grunt out cliche lines and shoot things. Like Cable, Zazie Beets portrayal of Domino is largely underserved. When she is on screen, Beetz is dynamic and a lot of fun to watch. She just isn’t given much to do.


However as much as the two new leads didn’t have much to work with, the new characters introduced to form X-Force are nothing more than a gag that pays off with the team all getting brutally murdered. Funny yes, but wasn’t this film supposed to set up X-Force?

Ryan Reynolds is the big draw of the film just as last time. His portrayal of Deadpool is spot on and you can tell he really loves playing the character. The rest of the film just doesn’t click like the original did. The plot is incoherent and very predictable. We finally see what Juggernaut looks like done right on the big screen (instead of The He-Man reject from X-Men The Last Stand) and the X-films continue to dangle the carrot of Mr. Sinister in front of us with no appearance yet (Mr. Essex who is Sinister’s real name has been name dropped in X-Films since X-Men Apocalypse up to Deadpool 2). The film is filled with jabs at DC films and even Marvel Studios. As stated before one thing Deadpool 2 isn’t lacking is gut busting jokes, if the story was as good as the jokes the film would have been something really special.

Instead Deadpool 2 is a like a funny joke you’ll forget the following day. With that said HipZOMJoint gives Deadpool 2 a weak 6 out of 10.