Lando solo film on the way?

Look we all love and respect Donald Glover, but do we really need a Lando film? Well Lucasfilm thinks we do.

Per Vice:

From the looks of the early reviews, it seems like Solo: A Star Wars Story has—against all odds—actually turned out to be a decent movie. Significantly less surprising, though, is that Donald Glover completely slays as Lando Calrissian. Just about every write-up borrows some variation on the phrase “scene-stealing” to describe Glover’s performance, and the Verge called his Lando “slicker, more charming, and more modern” than Billy Dee’s original.

On Wednesday, Premiere France published an interview with Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy, which seemed to say that Lucasfilm is just as excited about Glover as we are—and that the next Star Wars spinoff movie would be dedicated to Lando.

Here is HipZOMJoint’s take:

If the “A Star Wars Story” films are going to continue they need to do more and be more than origin films and deal with something other than Rebels vs The Empire. They really need to look at what Marvel Studios has done. Yes they have done superhero films but each one is different in tone. Up to this point all the new Star Wars films have been the same. It’s taking the magic out of the franchise and turning it stale…fast.