Star Wars Television Series Take Place Post Return Of The Jedi

News is finally starting to drop regarding Jon Favreau’s Star Wars television series!

Favreau himself divulged to Nerdist’s Dan Casey that his show will be set three years after the Battle Of Endor that ended Return Of The Jedi. (The tweet below says seven, but it’s three.)

That means this show will take place in the still-murky decades between the original movies and the new movies, when the collapse of the Galactic Empire somehow laid the groundwork for the advent of the stronger and eviler First Order—not to mention the rise of Supreme Leader Snoke, an elderly man in a bathrobe who recently got sliced in half. That’s also the same basic time period as Star Wars Resistance, the new “anime-inspired” series from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels producer Dave Filoni.