Jamie Foxx Circling Around Spawn?!?

Academy Award winning star, Jamie Foxx is getting set to join Blumhouse’s horror reboot of Image comic book character, Spawn.

According to The Hashtag Show, Foxx was offered the part, but has not officially agreed to it. Todd McFarlane, who created the character of Spawn in the ’90s, will write and direct the reboot.

Like the comic book, the film follows an ex-Marine named Al Simmons who dies, goes to Hell, and sells his soul in order to see his wife on Earth again. Unfortunately, when he returns, he learns his wife has moved on.  He eventually becomes an anti-hero for his city, using his supernatural powers to lay waste to criminals.

Michael Jai White played Spawn in the original 1997 film.

What do you think? Is Foxx right for the role of Spawn?