HipZOMJoint Movie Pick of the Week 5/4/18 Bad Samaritan

Jessica Jones and Doctor Who star, David Tennant returns in the horror/suspense film, Bad Samaritan. 

Along with Tennant, the film stars Robert Sheehan, Kerry CondonCarlito Olivero and Jacqueline Byers, and follows a valet (Sheehan) who burglarizes the houses of the people he services, only to discover a woman being held captive in the home of one of his rich customers (Tennant).

Here is the synopsis of Bad Samaritan:

Sean Falco, (Robert Sheehan), a poor restaurant valet, uses the cars entrusted to him by the restaurant clientele to break into their homes. One night, he finds more than he bargained when he breaks into one house, only to discover a woman named Katie (Kerry Condon) imprisoned there. Frightened of going to jail, he abandons her and calls the police, only to find himself in a game of cat-and-mouse with Cale Erendreich (David Tennant), the psychotic homeowner.

Bad Samaritan is now playing at a theater near you.

Watch the trailer for Bad Samaritan: