Lets Play The Avengers Infinity War Deadpool: WHO IS GONNA DIE?!?

Let’s face it, someone if not someones are gonna buy it in Avengers Infinity War. Fans of the comics will know Thanos kills the entire Marvel universe in one horrific battle (check out the images below).

These images are from the classic Infinity Gauntlet storyline that Avengers Infinity War is based on. Here are HipZOMJoint’s odds on who will be taking the long dirt nap at the end of Infinity War.

Black Panther – 1000000000 to 1

Black Panther just had one of the biggest box office openings in history. The king is safe.

Captain Marvel – 500000 to 1

Her movie hasn’t even come out yet…she’s safe.

Spider-Man – 400000 to 1

He’s gotta be safe right? Not with Miles Morales waiting in the wings. Oh, you’ll find out who that is in a couple of years.

Groot & Rocket – 300000 to 1

Not the teenage tree and the funny raccoon?!? Someone in the Guardians has gotta go, one of these two could be it.

Star-Lord, Gamora, and Drax – 2000 to 1

Of the 3 Drax has the highest percentage to bite it. Although Star-Lord could sacrifice himself. Gamora also stands to bite possibly saving her sister.

Nebula – 1000 to 1

The forgotten and bitter daughter of Thanos could finally get her moment to be the hero. But it could also be her last.

Doctor Strange & Wong – 900 to 1

One will probably not be getting a sequel. The other is the chubby sidekick, both are on the chopping block.

Falcon & Bucky – 800 to 1

Both in the comics become the new Captain America at various points. However, that’s in the comics. You know what they say, you can only have one best friend. One of these guys is for sure going to buy it.

The Collector – 700 to 1

I know what you are thinking, The Collector isn’t even in this fight. However, he is one of the people Thanos tracks one of the infinity stones to.

Black Widow – 600 to 1

As the first Marvel big-screen heroine, it’d be hard to imagine Widow getting killed off. Then again these movie star contracts are up…

Vision & Scarlet Witch – 500 to 1

One has an infinity stone embedded in his forehead. The other has pretty much been a glorified extra up until this point. One of these two lovers is going to die, but my money is on both.

War Machine – 400 to 1

Iron Man’s best friend is a prime candidate to get killed off. Look up Civil War 2 to see what happens to him…

Shuri, Okoye, Ayo, and M’Baku – 300 to 1

Sure These Wakandans just got introduced but all of them still have a fair chance of being taken out. Smart money says either Ayo or M’Baku or both ain’t walking out of this fight alive.

Hulk – 200 to 1

As the main threat to Thanos, Hulk could be the Titan’s first target on the battlefield. Hulk has had a good run but maybe it’s time Marvel puts Banner out of his misery.

Captain America – 100 to 1

Ever since the end of Civil War, Cap has lost his way. What better way to redeem yourself than self-sacrifice. Not only does the actor, Chris Evans, want to move on from the role, in the Infinity Gauntlet story, Cap has a classic standoff with Thanos that ends with his death.

Iron Man – 50 to 1

Robert Downey Jr. is the heart and soul of the MCU. However 50 million a movie is a ton of money. His story has pretty much come to an end. The only thing left to do is pass the torch.

Thor – 10 to 1

And this will be the big twist. Everyone believes Iron Man will die but I really think Thor will end up buying it. He is said to have most of Infinity War revolve around him getting to Thanos. Also did you see him involved in any of the big battles? I didn’t think so.

Loki – 5 to 1

Sorry Loki fans, but if there is any character whose story is up it’s Loki. He’s no longer the big bad of the MCU. No way Loki cons Thanos either.

Heimdall and the Asgardians – 1 to 1

At the end of Ragnarok, we saw a bonus scene that showed the Asgardians refugee ship being shadowed by Thanos’ ship. What do you think the chances are Thanos and the Black Order board the ship looking for an infinity stone, kill everyone and send Thor and Hulk floating in space to start the movie. I say those chances are VERY high.

Who do you think will die? Do you agree/disagree with these choices? Let me know in the comments below!

Avengers Infinity War is in theaters this Friday, April 27th, 2018!

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