HipZOMJoint Cosplay Spotlight 4/19/19

Welcome to another batch of cosplay spotlight! Check out these Cosplayers via their names on all forms of social media and follow them to see more of their creations.

@danielledenicola as Emma Frost from X-Men

@jssshrt1987 as Falcon/Captain America

@dominqueskye as Rogue from X-Men

@vegetax6 as Nomad Steve Rogers fighting Thanos

@m_mellu as Catwoman

@Kamcosplay as Spider-Man 2099

@ebonovic as the Infinity Gauntlet

@turoseeker as Classic Kenner Darth Vader action figure

Unknown Cosplayer as Ursula

@marialasagna as The Babadook

@knightmage1 as Gizmo Duck from Ducktales

@lordwosh as Firestorm

@nekomimicosplay04 as Phoenix

@s1ntwist3d as Marilyn Manson

@jackkcosplay as Mega Man

@samanthas_cosplay as Black Widow from Avengers Infinity War

@marcelino_m_1980 as Jason Voorhees

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