“SPIDER-MAN PS4” | Iron Spider Suit | Combat Tutorial | Side Mission Details

Spider-Man PS4 Iron Spider Suit leak featuring combat and side mission details. Spiderman youtube, gameplay 2018 ps4, spiderman ps4 costumes, youtube spider-man ps4, free roam youtube. What’s up, guys? RBG here hitting you guys up with more coverage on Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4. And man do we have a lot of stuff to cover but before we ge into the video I just wanna give a big shoutout to all of those who take time out of your day to watch the videos. The fact that you would rather watch my boring videos than check out the latest condom snorting challenge vids means a lot to me. As long as you keep leaving that awesome feedback I’ll keep hitting you guys with updates. But anyways a few days ago we got a huge amount of news from gameinformer and the interwebs. And yes the bulk of that news came courtesy of leaks which set the community ablaze. Apparently by some miracle or bad luck, whatever you wanna call it. Someone within Sony accidentally leaked the secret costume that will be a part of the pre-order bonus. And it just so happened to be the Iron Spider suit from the upcoming Infinity War film. Now I had a feeling this costume would make in the game in some form or fashion. In 1 of my previous analogy videos, I mentioned that it would either be this suit or the Spider-Man Homecoming 1. Simply because they’re the most relevant entries in Spider-Man related media and it’ll probably be easy for Insomniac to work in those mechanic eye animations on the masks. And just to get off topic, word around the campfire is that Insomniac has wanted to do the mechanical eyes years before Marvel Studios unveiled Spidey in Captain America Civil War. If this is true it further proves that Insomniac is the perfect team to work on a project such as this 1. But anyways before we got the leaked video we had actually gotten screenshots of the Iron Spider suit a few hours earlier.