The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale Deadpool

The end is near. All Out War has dragged on for almost 3 seasons on AMC’s The Walking Dead. However, showrunners are promising not only a slew of deaths in the season eight finale but also promise a sense of finality that will usher in a season 9 that will be a fresh start.

Since the tv series controversially killed off Carl Grimes (spoiler!) anyone and everyone is no longer immune from being killed off. Whispers of Rick’s death has been heard amongst fans as well. Here are the odds as provided by HipZOMJoint and don’t forget to tune into the season 8 finale of The Walking Dead only on AMC.

Negan 100000000 To 1:

Sorry, but if you think TWD will kill off Negan you will be sorely disappointed. Not only Jeffrey Dean Morgan one of the few sparks of entertainment left in the show, his character in the book goes on to have a fantastic story arc post All Out War.

Daryl 900 To 1:

He’s the show’s bread and butter. I would respect the showrunners for having the balls to kill off Daryl, but AMC would NEVER allow it.

Michonne 800 To 1:

Danai Gurira’s career is taking off like a rocket! However like Negan, Michonne has a great story arc post All Out War.

Carol 700 To 1:

The housewife turned Rambo has outlived everyone’s expectations but her number might be up sooner than later….

Morgan 600 To 1:

Despite moving over to Fear The Walking Dead, it doesn’t necessarily mean Morgan will die. But his crazy and bloodlust has been getting the best of him. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that he’ll get killed off.

Ezekiel 500 To 1:

The man lost his tiger and his kingdom. Will his life be next? Zeke doesn’t look like he’ll have the fortitude to make it out of All Out War.

Jadis 400 To 1:

The fact she isn’t dead is beyond me. But I have heard “Whispers” she could become someone else from the books….

Dwight 300 To 1:

Honestly he’s pretty much Daryl in the comic book series. We already have a Daryl on the show. Bye Dwight.

Eugene 200 To 1:

This chubby little nerd went from annoying to fan favorite to full on asshat. Will anyone miss him if he’s killed off at this point? No.

Maggie 100 To 1:

Well we are at the end of season 8 and actress Lauren Cohen has not only refused to sign a contract extension but she is also starring in a new pilot on another tv station. Say hi to Glenn for us Maggie.

Father Gabriel 50 To 1:

He’s still alive. Somehow. But he’s going blind and has been captured..AGAIN! See ya preach!

Rick 10 To 1:

I know what you are thinking, “The show won’t kill off Rick Grimes!” Well shut the hell up numbnuts because we all thought they wouldn’t kill off Andrea. They did. Then Carl. They did. So after taking a huge dump on the fan base and the comics, I would not put it past AMC and the moronic showrunner, Scott Gimple, to kill off Rick Grimes. Season 9 is suggested to be a fresh start for the series and to tie up all the storylines from the previous seasons. What better way to start anew than making a clean break from the show’s main protagonist?

Well, there are our odds on who will die in the Walking Dead Season 8 Finale. Who do you think will die or survive? Let us know in the comments!