Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Lynda Carter. Wonder Woman. Icon. Activist. She has been a powerful voice for female empowerment both on and off the screen. Today, everyone’s favorite superheroine is finally getting her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Per Variety:

With her lasso of truth and her determination for justice, the character of Wonder Woman has always aimed to right society’s wrongs — a feminist and pacifist who commands respect as she thinks of ways to save the world that don’t require her fists. So it’s no wonder that Lynda Carter, the blue-eyed, raven-haired star who played the heroine and role model (aka Diana Prince) for three seasons on the 1970s CBS series “Wonder Woman,” would embody so many of the same qualities.

“I guess if there’s ever a role that was meant for me, it was Wonder Woman,” Carter says.

One of the reasons that the character — and, by default, Carter herself — is so endearing is that while she doesn’t have time for nonsense, she will stop and give you a hug. Now the singer-actress, who has been known to publicly ban trolls who leave insulting comments on her fan pages (“I think I was anti-bullying before there was any policy that people could speak up for themselves”), is no longer flying around in an invisible plane but instead leaving her mark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Watch the full ceremony above. Check images from the event below: