Harley Quinn Is Going To The Fourth World

The clown princess of crime is getting magical and going to the Fourth World this Summer!

Per Newsarama:

Writer Sam Humphries and artist John Timms are taking over Harley Quinn starting with July 4’s #45 with a story that brings Harley into Jack Kirby’s Fourth World.

In the story, Harley is kidnapped by the Female Furies but is then lured into joining the team by Granny Goodness. In exchange for tracking down one of Granny’s former Furies, Harley will get superpowers.

“The biggest question and the biggest challenge for Harley is defining if she’s a hero or a villain,” said Humphries in a statement. “But why can’t she be both? Or is there a third choice to explore? My vision for the book is ‘What if Bugs Bunny were a chainsaw, hosting Anthony Bourdain’s show, but in the DC Universe?’ In our first three-issue story arc, John Timms and I are going to bring the crazy Kirby Krackle to Harley Quinn—focusing on the manic energy that made us cheer for her and the tragic emotions that made us fall in love with her.

I can’t wait, Harley is a book that has been needing a shot in the arm. When it first came out, it was a hilarious series but then quickly dropped off when lesser artists took over the book week to week.

Harley Quinn #45 is due out on shelves July 4 with art by John Timms and a cover by Guillem March and Romulo Fajardo Jr, seen here, as well as a variant cover by Frank Cho.