RUMOR: Meryl Streep To Replace Carrie Fisher As General Leia In Episode 9?!?

Wow, if this is true this will not only divide Star Wars fans forever, it might just run the originals off completely!

Per Movie Web:

Carrie Fisher’s death has left a giant hole in genre fandom, which is still felt to this day. And her death had a major impact on Star Wars fans, which is still being felt even more than a year after her passing. Most fans are probably okay with letting the character die between The Last Jedi and Star Wars 9, as she was allowed to ride off into the sunset in the previous chapter. The Last Jedi adaptation even sets up that Leia is suffering from her bout in space, and it gives them a perfect out in wrapping up the character’s story arc.

There is a problem. Leia was always meant to be the driving force behind Star Wars 9, such as Han was in The Force Awakens and Luke was in The Last Jedi. She was a main character in the script that ultimately got scrapped by fired director Colin Trevorrow. J.J. Abrams, who replaces the filmmaker, has already finished his script, and shooting begins this summer. There has been no official mention yet that he’s bringing Leia back in any capacity.

I would love to see the original plan for General Leia play out in Episode Nine with a digital Fisher or another actress. We all love Carrie Fisher, but we also have to respect the character of Leia, the last living human character from the original trilogy.

It’s a thin line to walk for sure, but despite our feeling over the passing of Fisher, the story and character must be served in an equal and respectful manner.