HipZOMJoint Movie Review: Demon House

Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans hosts documentary film, Demon House. Bagans brings his unique hyper-exaggerated to what pretty much is nothing more than a two-hour Ghost Adventures.

Bagans claims the house’s demonic forces left its tenants, his film crew, and himself afflicted in various degrees of poor health, possession, and bodily harm.

Zak Bagans purchased the house in which the alleged Ammons hauntings occurred. Bagans leads a team of paranormal investigators to investigate the house. Strange things begin happening and the crew becomes fearful of what they may be involved in.

Gary, Indiana, where the documentary was shot, is depicted as a depressed and decrypted beacon for negative demonic energy. The poverty level is high, and the community has enough to be fearful of like gangs and home invasions.

If it were not for the over the top antics of Bagans and his film crew, Demon House could have been a very interesting documentary. However, Bagans and his film crew seem more intent on creating a story around the house instead of telling the one that’s already there.

Demon House had a dark history surrounding it, however, its story seems to play second fiddle to Bagans’ grandstanding and overacting. As I stated earlier this really could have just been a two-part episode of Ghost Adventures and you wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.

With that said, HipZOMJoint gives Demon House a 5 out of 10.