Dark Phoenix Extensive Reshoots Will Change It’s Final Act

Dark Phoenix, the next entry into the X-Men First Class series, was recently pushed back by a year. This was rumored to be because of reshoots and scheduling.

But now it’s being said the entire third act of the film will be undergoing extensive reshoots.

The Phoenix saga is a tough story to get right. Especially when you try to compress the entire saga into a two hour film.

Dark Phoenix has been pushed back to February 14th 2019.

Via SYFY Wire

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dark Phoenix will undergo significant reshoots to shore up its ending, although it’s not known whether the movie’s being hauled in to fix a hot mess of a finale or simply improve on an already-solid project.

The cast is reportedly set to head back for the extra studio time in late summer and early fall, but there’s no word on whether the script will need to undergo major plot tweaks or not. Writer-producer and first-time X-Men director Simon Kinberg, says the report, “has yet to pen anything.”