HipZOMJoint Movie Review: Pacific Rim Uprising

I applaud Pacific Rim abandoning Guillermo Del Toro’s more serious take on the franchise with a younger and more vibrant anime approach. Director Steven S. DeKnight presents the best Kaiju vs giant robot action we have ever seen. Michael Bay could take notes about how to develop visual spectacles from Uprising so audiences can actually tell what is going on.

DeKnight throws out the law of psychics for this sequel and that’s okay. Uprising is a popcorn flick meant to make 13-year-olds pump their fist in the air and be amazed by explosions. Even Kaiju fans of old can find something to love about this film. The cast of Star Wars’ John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, and newcomer Cailee Spaney all have great chemistry and work well off of each other.

The 3 must come together with an inexperienced group of Jaeger pilots to stop Kaiju that have taken over a new batch of Jaeger drones meant to put human Jaeger pilots out to pasture. Not a horrible story right? WRONG!

This is where i’m about to ruin the film for you so if you want to stop reading now go ahead before I hit you with major spoilers.

The villain of this film kills all the goodwill built up in the first two acts. Its done so poorly and for laughs that it borderlines cartoon bad, which should be acceptable by the set up i’ve laid out for you so far regarding this film. WRONG!

The villain of the film is…Charlie Day. The little Always Sunny in Philadelphia guy with the high pitched voice. Yeah, this little guy is trying to destroy the world. Granted he’s the unwilling slave of the aliens he and his lab partner, Dr. Hermann, drifted with in the original film, but still…Charlie Day?

It makes the film fall flat on its face, and despite an impressive Kaiju/Jaeger melee at the end, the fact that Day is the one behind it all the trouble just makes the film too over the top. However, it’s the robots and monsters you pay to see and that is all done to near perfection. For that HipsterZOMBIEJoint gives Pacific Rim Uprising a 6.5 out of 10.