Gal Gadot Attacked Over Stephen Hawkins Tribute?

It appears even Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot has to watch what she says. The internet trolls are everywhere and now they are taking aim at the DC Comics big screen hero.

The tweet below has captured the ire of the said trolls:

Rest in peace Dr. Hawking. Now you’re free of any physical constraints.. Your brilliance and wisdom will be cherished forever.

Many internet trolls, most who were racist Palestine (still angry over the fact Wonder Woman is being portrayed by a woman of Israeli descent) attacked the actress with these harsh tweets:


1) he was free
2) he thought Palestine should be too 🤗

I think you’re fantastic Gal but this tweet is very ableist. His physical constraints didn’t stop him from changing the world. People with disabilities don’t wish for death to be free of their challenges. We wish to be valued for what we CAN do, not pitied for we can’t.

Yes!!!! Thank you. Stop making death seem like a positive alternative to being disabled!! It’s that attitude more than anything that makes disabled ppl’s lives difficult.

Gal I am chronically ill. Can’t shower or even get myself out of bed. Lost 18 years thus far. But I ran a charity funding research for my illness and advocate for Change. All from my bed. Is my life not important? Disablement is not shameful, bigotry is. Watch @unrestfilm pls

So what we’re NOT gonna do is talk about Stephen Hawking’s disability like it was a tragedy. Because it wasn’t. Disabilities are not tragedies. Abled people can go away. 

Seriously people, just grow the hell up. This was a tweet from a sweet person trying to pass on her condolences and these secluded trolls who live their lives via the internet wanted to grab seconds of fame by attacking her. If anyone should be ashamed of themselves its these waste of humanity tweeters.

Can nobody say anything anymore without it being twisted and mutilated into something else?