Writer Gail Simone Is Writing A New Plastic Man Series

Per io9:

After spending the better part of the past few months trapped in a protective stasis that transformed him into a huge egg (comics!), Plastic Man is finally back in action in the DC universe. He will also soon be headlining his own new comic miniseries, courtesy of writer Gail Simone and artist Adriana Melo.

In the new miniseries, Plastic Man learns that a group of genius super villains has teamed up to form a… diabolical coalition, if you will. When he tries to warn the Justice League of the impending threat, the Leaguers don’t believe him, forcing Eel to take on the villains on himself.

Writer Simone had this to say to Syfy Wire:

“When I think about Plastic Man, he was genuinely the first funny super hero. I’m obviously attracted to that. There’s also this great mixture of tragedy in there, too, that I love. The humor comes from a place of pain. And a lot of people I know, the bravest ones, deal with their pain through humor.

So I really like trying to find that balance and keeping that rollercoaster going where there is enough tragedy going on that the humor kind of helps you get through it, and that’s what this series is.”

The new Plastic Man series arrives this June.