Jason Todd Will Be Apart of The Titans Series

The Titans live action show is getting some impressive DC Characters to appear in its first season on the unnamed DC streaming service.

Over the last few weeks, Geoff Johns and the folks at DC have rolled out several casting announcements for the upcoming Titans series, adding nearly the entire Doom Patrol roster to the already stellar lineup of the Titans team. Now this week, it looks like another beloved DC character could be making his way to the show.

According to TitansTV.net, unconfirmed sources have reported that the seventh episode of the 13-episode series will be titled, “Jason Todd,” alluding to the addition of the character. While DC and Warner Bros. haven’t said anything about the news, the episode title does line up with the other titles that have been confirmed or rumored to this point. Johns himself revealed that episode six was titled “Doom Patrol,” just before confirming that the team was coming to the series.

For those who aren’t aware, Jason Todd was the second person to become Robin, following Dick Grayson. The character was tragically killed off in the comics in 1988. He later returned from the dead as the villainous Red Hood.