It’s Official, Kristen Wiig Is Cheetah!

Via her Twitter, Director Patty Jenkins confirmed that Bridesmaid star, Kristen Wiig will be playing the villainous Cheetah in the upcoming Wonder Woman Sequel. Set for a 2019 release, Wonder Woman 2 will have actress Gal Gadot reprising the role of powerful Amazon.

Per Syfy Wire:

The modern version of Cheetah has an increasingly tragic backstory that could make her into a compelling figure onscreen. More importantly, Cheetah is simultaneously one of Wonder Woman’s greatest adversaries and one of her closest friends.

Cheetah originally made her debut in 1943 in a story by Wonder Woman’s co-creators, William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter. This version of Cheetah was Priscilla Rich, an upper-class woman who suffered from a split personality that compelled her to challenge Wonder Woman and commit crimes.

More recently, writer Greg Rucka went even further and made Barbara and Diana closer than ever before. In the DC Rebirth timeline, Barbara was the only one who could speak Diana’s native language, which gave the two women a much stronger bond in the past. But in the present, Barbara resented Diana for not saving her from the Cheetah’s curse. That led to a very powerful scene in which Diana approached Barbara for her help, and reiterated how she felt about their connection. Diana actually helped Barbara rid herself of the Cheetah persona, but it wasn’t a change that was destined to last forever. Barbara is Cheetah once more, and yet she’s never been more interesting. Her newest origin could make Cheetah a very memorable comic book movie villain, and that’s something we would love to see.

I am personally on the fence about this casting. Wiig is a hilarious comedian but I’ve yet to see her act in a more serious and darker tone. Hopefully she’s up to the task.

Wonder Woman 2 is scheduled for a November 2019 release.