HipZOMJoint Cosplay Spotlight 3/8/18

Welcome to another batch of cosplay spotlight! Check out these Cosplayers via their names on all forms of social media and follow them to see more of their creations.

Little Girl as Girl Rocketeer

Unknown Cosplayers as Royal Robot Family From Saga

@purplemuffinz as Sally Jupiter from Watchmen

@vivianireenepierce as Classic Star Trek Officer

@jerryalmond as Thanos with decapitated Iron Man Head.

@mermaid__666 as Lady Deathstrike

@snuggiemouse as Batman Azrael

Erikasolovey as Triss Marigold from the Witcher

Unknown Cosplayers as Cloak and Dagger

Unknown Cosplayers as The Fantastic Four

@elenablueskies as Harley

@eric_blade_brooks as Blade


@rawrbomb as Korg from Thor Ragnarok

@uinquesora as Clementine from The Walking Dead Game


@meeversdesu as Female Ash from Evil Dead