Who Was Left Out Of In Memoriam At The 2018 Academy Awards

Sadly this past year saw film lovers having to say good be to talents in front of and behind the camera. However last night during the 2018 Academy Awards, there were some glaring omissions.

Per The Independent:

One of the biggest omissions was Adam West, who died June last year. The actor was best known for playing Batman in the 1960s TV show, which also spawned a spin-off movie. 

West later appeared in movies such as The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Chicken Little.

Tobe Hooper, director of the horror blockbusters Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist, was also omitted from the main ‘In Memoriam’ despite a clip from Chainsaw being used earlier in the show.

The acclaimed director died last August, aged 74. One Tweeter noted: “I 100 percent understand that the Oscars ‘In memoriam’ video packages can’t mention everyone — but Tobe Hooper? Come on. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Poltergeist, if he only made those two films, are absolutely LEGENDARY and important movies. Sigh.”

Maybe they should have cut some of the god-awful comedy bits to include more talented people who are no longer with us in the In Memoriam.