Ryan Seacrest Is SNUBBED On The Red Carpet Of The Oscars

Per AOL:

AfterVariety recently published a report detailing ex-E! stylist Suzie Hardy’s serious harassment and assault allegations against Seacrest, the network doubled down, stating their long-time anchor would still fulfill his duties on Sunday. Awkwardness ensued, as the #MeToo and Time’s Up continued to be a central topic of discussion.There’sexual misconduct elephant in the room on E!’s Oscars Live From the Red Carpet, and his name is Ryan Seacrest.

The night’s major stars responded to E!’s stance with a cold shoulder, simply avoiding interviews with Seacrest. Earlier in the week, actresses like Jennifer Lawrence expressed doubts about interviewing with him

And indeed, the most talked-about celebrities of the evening were conspicuously absent from his list of interviewees. Out of the twenty people Seacrest interviewed, only two were actual Oscar nominees, with Allison Janney up for supporting actress and Christopher Plummer up for supporting actor. 

But the spectre of allegations hung even over those interviews. 

Seacrest faced a cold shoulder by celebs not seen by a host on the red carpet ever in Academy Awards history. E! scrambled to fill up time with cuts to co-host Gulianna Rancic while Seacrest put together what little interviews he could get. Ouch.

Gives a whole to meaning to “Seacrest, Out.”