Jason Momoa The Crow Reboot Has. Release Date

The Crow was a 1994 cult classic and was arguably the best dark superhero movie of its time. After going through numerous incarnations, actors, and directors, the film has finally found its Crow. More importantly it’s also found its release date.

Now the project is finally going forward, with Jason Momoa playing the protagonist. To prove it’s serious about releasing The Crow reboot to the masses, Sony Pictures announced today that the movie has been scheduled for October 11, 2019.

Considering that The Crow is one of the lesser known comic book properties out there, Sony made a wise choice scheduling the reboot for October of next year rather than put it out as a summer or winter release. We’ve seen in recent years how larger-scale movies can be enormously successful outside of the traditional blockbuster seasons. Plus, considering The Crow’s roots in horror, it makes all the more sense to release it a couple weeks before Halloween, as it will be one of several spooky offerings for moviegoers to choose from.