Marvel Reveals Peggy Carter As…Captain America?!?

Look out world! There’s a new Captain America and she’s a Brit! Yes I said she, she is none other than Peggy Carter!

Starring in the alternate reality hopping team book, The Exiles, Peggy will wear the star spangled red, white, and blue suit.

Marvel released their May solicits this week and one cover jumps out: Exiles #3. Written by Saladin Ahmed (Black Bolt), the new take on Exiles has gotten plenty of press thanks to characters like cartoon Wolverine, future Kamala Khan, and Tessa Thompson’s version of Valkyrie joining the team. But the third issue will finally introduce a version of Peggy Carter who became Captain America.


With art by Dave Marquez, the cover for Exiles #3 unites Blink and cartoon Wolverine with Captain Carter. Despite the character’s long history and Marvel’s many parallel universe, this is actually the first time Peggy has taken on Cap’s mantle in the comics. Of course, die-hard Marvel fans will know Captain Carter predates this book.

I personally can’t wait for this book to come back! I loved the original Exiles title back in the day and Blink has always been a fan fav.