It’s The End Of An Era For Jane Foster As Thor

It was a monumental event for Marvel Comics when Jane Foster became Thor. The long time supporting character went from girlfriend to having the power of a god.

Now her story is coming to an end.

It used to be a yearly event for Thor to be killed off in some cosmic Marvel event but he always came back. However this Death looks to be permanent. Jane Foster made her debut as the new Thor back in 2014, after the “Original Sin” event left Thor unworthy to wield Mjolnir. For months, writer Jason Aaron carefully avoided revealing this new female Thor’s true identity. When the truth was finally revealed, it proved to be a chilling one. Jane Foster was dying of cancer, but embraced the life of a superhero because she believed the world needed a Thor. Tragically, every time she used Mjolnir to transform into Thor, the magic reversed the effect of her chemotherapy. Every time Jane chooses to become the Goddess of Thunder, it takes her one step closer to death’s door. Recent issues have established that one last transformation is all it will take to kill her.

Writer Jason Aaron promises at heart wrenching ending. Check out the video Marvel Comics released below: