FOX Still Moving Foward With Superhero Films

’NewMutants’ Reportedly Undergoing Many Reshoots To Insert New Character. It’s rumored this new character is Warlock, which would dramatically change the horror aspect of the film. When New Mutants got pushed back by a year, it was said to fix the tone of the film, however, now it sounds like a Justice League level reshoot may be underway.

‘Silver Surfer’ Movie In The Works And Is Fox’s Top Priority. With superhero films becoming more and more galactic in scale otherworldly comic book creations are suddenly catching movie studios attention. It also helps that prolific writer Brian K. Vaughn is rumored to be attached.

20th Century Fox is allegedly Planning 8 “X-Men” Movies (Including DoctorDoom) To Release Over The Course Of The Next Three Years Despite Disney $52 Billion Merger! X-Force, the Deadpool 2 spinoff, is set to go into production this October. X-Force will see Cable and Deadpool lead a team of militant mutants.

As for the rest of the ”planned” films, I think its all preliminary and will most likely stay that way. Fox still has to operate as a film studio until the Disney deal is finalized meaning writers are essentially paid to write spec scripts that will never get made.

To be frank, if it isn’t Deadpool, don’t believe its going to happen. New Mutants, Deadpool 2, and X-Men Dark Phoenix are the only for sure films we can expect to come out as of now.