Flash TV News: Iris Gets Powers/Kid Flash Joins Legends

Iris West is suiting up and Wally West is joining Legends of Tomorrow!?!

In an upcoming episode of the Flash, it was revealed in the poster seen above that Iris West will be suiting up.

Candice Patton will be speeding her way around Central City in the March 13th episode titled ”Run Iris, Run.” The episode will see team Flash battling a new villain named Melting Pot who somehow transfers Barry’s powers to Iris.

Meanwhile over on Legends, Kid Flash, Wally West, will be making his debut as a new addition to the Waverider crew. In an upcoming episode titled ”No Country For Old Dads,” Rip Hunter will bring the young speedster to the team.

Now if only the Waverider could add a member from Supergirl’s crew…